Trailers And Pontoon Legs
If you would like to complete your boating package with us, Boat Doctor offers reliable, budget-friendly options on trailers pontoon legs.

Whether you are interested in bunk or scissor style, we have the trailer to fit your needs. Brands we carry:

  • Triton Trailers
  • Bear Trailers
  • Mid-America Trailers

Which trailer type is right for you? Here are the pros / cons of both styles:

Bunk style trailers

  • PRO: Great for traveling long distances. Customers like the stability of the wider stance.
  • CON: This style trailer needs aprox 4 feet of water to float off the bunks easily depending on how steep the landing is.
  • CON: Minimum 8' - 9' high door is required for storage.

Scissor style trailer

  • PRO: Cranks up and down and needs less water to launch / load.
  • PRO: Allows you to set the pontoon on the ground for tight storage spaces, etc.
  • CON: Less stable. The pontoon balances on the center support, so cornering needs to be done with care. Make sure to secure with straps on front and back.

Pontoon Legs
Looking for an alternative to a boat lift? Hydraulic pontoon legs are a rapidly growing accessory that work great for many boaters.

"UltraLegs" are stronger than the competition with updated features to accommodate today's larger pontoons.

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